Pirates of Lincoln City | Creative Shoot | Lincoln City, OR

Sometimes photographers just need to feed their creative sole. As a photographer providing for your clients doesn't always allow you the freedom to shoot for yourself. I love to follow other photographers that inspire me and came across Krista who was putting on a photographers retreat in Lincoln City, OR. A weekend long get away with creatives. Sounded like heaven to me. I didn't have to think twice about signing up. If you know me you know that I'm pretty independent and a solo drive to Lincoln City didn't deter me at all.

I packed up my gear and headed out. I couldn't wait to get my gear out and shoot. Here's a taste of what I captured.

Retreat: Five and Five Photography (No Longer)

Makeup/Hair/Costum Design: Unique Irish, Skyla Dawn Designs,

Models: Bryce, Brittanie, Garth, Andrea, Steven