What's included with my sitting fee?

The sitting fee is a non-refundable fee to reserve your date and time. It covers your shooting time, professional hair and makeup, my time for artisticly enhancing your images, and your ordering session.

Does my sitting fee include any digital images?

You deserve to have your images beautifully displayed on the highest quality products in the professional market and not on some computer somewhere. The amount you invest in product is completely up to you and will be discussed in your reveal session.

What happens during my reveal session?

You choose where to have your reveal session. You can come to my home or I can come to yours. 2-3 weeks after your session we will get together and look at your beautiful images. That's when the fun begins and you get to choose the products you love. I will have samples for you to look at, touch and hold. This is your chance to pick your favorite moments and make any notes on any changes you would like to see.

What if I want digitals?

Absolutely! For each print ordered, I give a matching web-sized digital image for online sharing. High resolution digital images with a print release are also available ala carte or in certain packages, so you can definitely have your images to share on social media and with family and friends!

Why do you sell prints? Can't I get my own prints for less?

When ordering prints through me you are guaranteed to have the highest quality prints from my professional lab. I guarantee the prints and color so if things don't look right I will replace those products. Which rarely ever happens. I can also guarantee the color on the monitor will match the print. I also spend hours finalizing your choose prints making sure they are sharp, correct color, and correct size. Plus many of my collections offer digitals so why not have the best of both!

I've done a session with you before and you only offered digitals, why have you changed?

I invest so much time into your session and value the art I create from my time spent with you. I have often times spoke with clients after their session who haven't done anything their images. Your memories deserve to be displayed on your walls or in an album where they won't be forgotten. You've invested so much in this time in your life why not show it off.

So how much are your prints and collections?

How much you invest is completely up to you! That's what's so great! It's in your control. The average client invests between $500 and $2200. Specific pricing will be discussed during your reveal session.

Do you accept payment plans?

Absolutely!! I know and understand that this is an investment. I have 6 month payment plans. A 25% deposit is required to place your order and then we'll arrange the remaining balance in payments that work for your budget.