Ryan + Angela | Smith Rock, OR | Elopement

You know the saying, "When the stars align"? It's a saying we often use when things in our lives finally line up. Things we've been working on or towards. Sometimes it feels as if things are never going to come together and when it finally does it's as if all our stars in our universe have finally aligned.

For Angela + Ryan I think it was destiny that brought them together, or their stars finally aligning for them to come together.

The Moon

I've gotten to know Angela over the years, cheered her on from the bleachers as she played high school basketball, captured her as a bridesmaid in a few weddings, captured her when she was glowing momma to be, and have been there to capture her little man Mr. Hudson and her for Mothers Day minis, and Hudson's first birthday. I've watched her flourish and grow into one of the most fun loving caring people I know. When she reached out and asked me to be a part of her wedding day there was absolutely no way I was going to miss it. I'd never met Ryan but in talking with Angela when we were planning her elopement I learned that they met at North Canyon Medical Center in Gooding, ID. What are the odds of them coming together? It was by chance that Ryan ended up in Gooding. Fate brought him to Gooding. She obviously made a huge a impression on Ryan as he mentioned that when he first saw her he knew he had to meet her. He was completely taken by her. Like the moon affecting the tides, invisible like gravity but pulling none the less.

The Sun

The wedding day began like all others except that this wedding was starting at 4 in the morning. Can I just say? I need more sunrise weddings in my life. When discussing their plans for their wedding day they wanted it to be an adventure just like the life they've built together. Ryan said that growing up he had hoped that he would get to marry his adventure partner at Smith Rock, at this very spot. It's a special place for him especially as the last couple of years he's gotten to share it with the woman who's becoming his bride. They wanted their day to be small and intimate and to enjoy the things they love most in life. Ryan has a passion for the outdoors. Especially rock climbing and mountain biking. And Angela has always been athletic and has really come to enjoy Ryans hobbies.

Words can't describe what I witnessed that morning. I arrived early to take in the scenery like I always do, get my bearings and to start envisioning how I was going to capture their intimate ceremony. Ryan asked his friend of 12 years, Rick, to marry them. As Ryan and I got acquainted he explained that he wanted to wait until the sunrise hit on a specific place on the rock wall behind us allowing a special place to be highlighted behind them. He's taken Angela rock climbing on that exact rock wall. We made our plan and watched and waited until the sun made its entrance in the only way it can. True grandeur.

The Earth

As the sun slowly and methodically rose over the mountain peaks and as its light landed on Smith Rock the earth came alive. Vibrant oranges, deep reds, and brilliant yellow tones came flooding out of the rock. Ryan took his place as Angela appeared with her dad. Both grinning ear to ear with anticipation. I can only say that had I not been holding my camera and focused on capturing this moment it would have been easy to just sit in awe of this moment and everything around me. The Sun warmed us from the chilled morning just moments before sunrise. The air was calm and quiet. Ryan and Angela read their vows they each had written and it was clear from the moment they laid eyes on each other that this day was a matter of when not if. The ceremony was short but sweet and genuine. After the ceremony the adventure portion began.

The Stars

We took a hike down to the base of the rock face and these two newlywed adventurists decided to, well, climb the wall! Ryan in his shirt and tie.... Angela in her dress.. They put their harnesses on and pulled out their climbing rope and up the wall they went. Hikers and climbers alike stopped and paused for a moment to in fact confirm that yes, there was couple rock climbing in their wedding attire. It really was something to watch. By the end of the day, we had hiked, scaled and repelled, and mountain biked through the wedding day. I had the privilege to watch two people giddy in love do all the things that marriage requires. They communicated, pushed, encouraged, and challenged each other. They laughed and chided each other. They each took turns leading and following. They allowed each other to shine bright and together they lit up the world with their light.

There are reasons people say, "When the stars align". It's magic and it's powerful when it happens. It's good fortune and it most definitely in this case is fate. It didn't happen overnight, and it took lots of pieces to fall into place. I've truly witnessed the stars truly align. I have seen the power and the magic it creates. Thank you, Ryan & Angela, for the opportunity to share in your stars aligning. It's the two of you who shine the brightest in this story and I wish you both all the love and happiness anyone can have.

Crystal Spackman Photography