Mr. & Mrs. Wert| Y-Knot Winery | Glenns Ferry, ID

They Do

What a beautiful day for Deva & Zach to tie the knot at Y Knot Winery in Glenns Ferry, Idaho! If you every been to Idaho in August or you're from Idaho you know exactly how hot it can be and it was definitely that but you couldn't tell by looks of it.

I don't have many brides and grooms that decide to write their own wedding vows but I love it when they do. Deva's reaction listening to her groom recite his vows and realizing they both brought up his love of fishing in both of their vows was absolutely priceless. As Zach read from his notes " I vow to take you fishing at least once a month" Deva looked at the crowd with a huge smile and covered her mouth as she let out a laugh and I could only imagine how excited she was to say her vows next. To which, she responded in her vows "I vow to go fishing with you at least once a month without complaint." They couldn't be anymore meant for each other if they tried. These are my favorite moments.

Enough of my babbling, let's get to some highlights.

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